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     The class of 1998, graduated this year from St. Micahels, the only place in Karachi, where it all happens. St. Michaels has been the center of attention amongst all the schools of Pakistan in every feild, sports, studies, fights, etc. and has retained its position right at the top.  
        And the Class of 1998, the batch that graduated this year from St. Michaels has been a revolutionary era for this ever green institution. We topped the O'levels result, we were the top fighters of our time and we retained our position as the number one sporstmen and women in Pakistan such that no other school never tried to compete us in any sport. 
        Some of the groups and people of the class of 1998 who shaped this year are as follows:- 
           The Mustana Group 
           The Fawad Perwaiz Group 
           Faisal Fecto 
           Shameel and Sameer Shaikh 
           Hasan, Qasim and Fahad 
           Fahd Zaidi 
           Aleem Baig 
          Musawir  and   Baseer  (Ofcourse, we are the people behind making St. Michaels on-line) 

    (Sorry if we left out any people who think that their names might be on the list, please e-mail me to put your names in

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