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        Well this page is simply about how the St. Michaels tore off the "nutty" Camridge University. You might be knowing how these stupid people used to terrify us about the O'levels with such rediciulous remarks such as:
     An   "A"  in the O'levels is like above 90% ..
    You need to study hard, if you get anything below a "B", then you are out of my house!!
    Just study, don't do anything else!!!!
    The way you are going, I am definite that you will flunk your O'Levels
    Huh! You got a "D" in your preliems, now what do you expect to get in your O'Levels....

     Well, here is something ....I got all D's in my preliems, but I got 4 A's in my O'Levels out of 6 Sujects!!!
    Practically is some advice that I should really give you as a "pure" St. Michael's graduate that "don't|", I repeat, don't study as hard as everyojne tells you!!!! Its practically easy....a whole lot easier than the preliems. So don't worry about the O'levels until there is only one month left, I am speaking the me!!!!

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