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Life & Death!:

Okay so people live and people die, but what about those
who stay?

Their death is in their is in their own hands....
How cool it would be if you could live when ever you wnated, die at your own will, get alive again....., goto the future, preview the past and a whole lot more... Its a world of fantasy!!!

Well Virtuality is your host then

The best of the



love the web? love its world,love its creatures, listen to your pc,love to co-operate and love to help!

Virtual Reality!

staring at your pc? living on the web, pc's are man's best freinds, after this you'll trust your pc the most! learning the webblish ways of wobbly follies!

DREAM ON......!

But this is reality of virtual attraction,

Make beleive!!!! no matter of making sense,

Its a mad world of undiscovered fantasy!!

Totaly logical hence!!

So try to breath a pulse into the body of your pc!

Make its life the ""real life""!!


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