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Oh yea! You can't miss the school song! We got both the text version "and" the audio version! (and we're working on a the video version but its highly unlikely to be here in the near future, so don't stay tuned on that). Got Real Audio Player? Great! You'll be able to listen to the school song, sung by our friends, The Chipmunks! No kidding! Check it out for yourself!


Sing Along: Click Here for Audio

Let our voices resound
Let our voices ring clear
As we sing our school song today
Let our hearts be aflame
With the passion to learn
Which will help us along our life's way
May our spirits be held
In God's guiding hand
As He shows us His loving care
May we learn to resist
All evil and sin
And find hope and strength everywhere
May God send His blessings
And hear all our prayers
Protect us from sorrow and fear
May we learn how to use
Our knowledge for all
And value the chance to be here
Let us sing now together
in the city we love
for the country we live to build
Use our talent and time
For the  good of mankind
let is sing loud and clear
Rejoice we are here
At. St. Michael's Convent School

How'd we do it?
None of your damn business! Just send me a song you want my Chipmunk friends to sing for you and I'll ask them. They are quite moody at times so you gotta send 5 bucks along with your song request. =)