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St. Michael's Convent School (Official)


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Welcome all! I was going through my old sites that I created long long ago, and I found that the St. Michael's website had a 6 out of 10 rating from Google! Damn thats a lot of visits! So I made a few decisions.
  • "I" have decided to make this site official. Yes and thats solely my decision, I didn't bother to consult the school. I am sure Ms. Nayyer would be really very pissed. =)
  • Second, I'll put a little more work into the pages so they look a little better and more organized.
  • Third, lets open up a little online group for ex-St. Michaeleans!
Who the hell am I?

Musawir Ali, the self proclaimed god.

Whats New?
Damn it people! Don't miss the School Song and Guest-Book. Check them out! You will be so very pleased! =)